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The Psilocybin Center, is your trusted guides for transformative psilocybin experiences. Discover, heal, and grow with our expert support. We are located in Salem, Oregon, and we will be happy to help arrange transportation to our 6,000 Square Foot Facility.

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At The Psilocybin Center, we offer personalized psilocybin sessions that match your needs and budget. Choose from microdosing for gentle effects, moderate dosing for a deeper experience, or hero dosing for a profound journey. Our goal is to make these experiences accessible to everyone, helping you explore psilocybin effectively. Find the session that's right for you and start your journey today.

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Discover the Power of Psilocybin Mushrooms

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Sub-perceptual psilocybin doses over time to enhance creativity and well-being without a full psychedelic experience.

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Moderate-High Dose Guided Journey

Professionally facilitated sessions with a moderate-high psilocybin dose for self-exploration and emotional insights.

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Hero Dose Sessions

A high-dose, immersive psilocybin experience for profound insights and breakthroughs.

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Couple opens The Psilocybin Center, Salem's first licensed psychedelic mushroom facility

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Former NFL running back Ricky Williams eyeing psilocybin partnership in Oregon

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